Marvel best xmen movies rated

marvel best xmen movies rated

From ' X - Men ' to 'The Wolverine,' here's how the ' X - Men ' movies stack SEE ALSO: Wolverine claws toward greatness in the R- rated 'Logan'.
down and collectively ranked all 10 X - Men movies from worst to best. of the core X - Men series and the Wolverine spin-off films, the Marvel.
Director Bryan Singer has one of the strongest -- and weakest -- entries in the " X - Men " movie franchise, and where does "Logan" fall?.

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About Us Jobs Advertise Subscribe Privacy Terms. The Wolverine is little low. The scores on Rotten Tomatoes have got to be the most unreliable metrics for whether or not I will enjoy a movie. The best Punisher movie? Also lets use the actor in costume more as some scenes felt like the audio was out of sync with the head movements. Character-driven action movies with big MacGuffin storylines and plenty of quips.

marvel best xmen movies rated

Most people seem to agree. And thanks heavens they did. Man of steel is more liked by people than SUperman Returns but look at both scores! Angel has been wasted in marvel best xmen movies rated movies. He just wants to show off his wings like an erection he was proud of lol. The chemistry between Charles and Magneto was my favorite aspect of the movie. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. They turned a character who was a New Yorker into a Brit because the actor everyone wanted, was wanted because he was bald. I loved seeing the characters evolve from Mystique to Magneto. In the not-so-distant future, humanity has evolved into a new subset of people with supernatural abilities. The Wolverine is little low. Marvel's Inhumans Isn't Impressing Fans With Its Costumes. Changing mines is dangerous.

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  • Paul Rudd makes an entertaining ex-con who dons a costume that shrinks him down to the size of an ant, and the clever screenplay puts that power to good use as he and his super-scientist mentor, played by Michael Douglas, scheme to steal that same technology away from a company that would sell it to the highest, presumably evil bidder.
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X-Men Movies Best and Worst Ranked By Domestic Box Office Totals

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The big mystery that was driving the character all along? Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Ryan Reynolds is a wisecracking mercenary who volunteers for an experimental cancer treatment that gives him superpowers but destroys his life, and he sets out for revenge, dragging two subpar X-Men along for the ride the good ones were too expensive and breaking the fourth wall every other minute. More News from GoldDerby. Fassbender owns Magneto like he's been playing him for lifetimes, and Kevin Bacon somehow pulls off the slimy villain Sebastian Shaw. I saw the pre-release bootleg version that some crazy guy I knew gave me.