Forums escort traders help

forums escort traders help

I was going through the Darkwood Trader Escort mission again last night when I reached the point where you have your first Escort Trader to Orchard Farm.
Trader Escort is a gold quest in Fable, The Lost Chapters, and Fable of the page for other strategies to helping the third trader reach Barrow Fields safely.
The Trader has to trust the escorts not to do him for the cargo or to run when/if I had a look at the DDA forums and couldn't see any proposal for a direct .. Sometimes I'll just want to fly alongside someone and help out. Armed trading escort?.

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This is in addition to the normal preference system and operates by giving a much higher weighting to alliance members when determining preferences over friends for example Alliances in a private group would only meet other players in that private group. Even then, we often have a privateer with us.

forums escort traders help

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It need not have to be for money, but it would be nice to help out altruistically as well as for credits. CSI - Events and Promotions.

forums escort traders help