Blog unsuitable range holosun review

blog unsuitable range holosun review

Once I saw "eh," in the article I wasn't sure if that was some self-deprecating sarcasm on behalf of US readers, or if it was a legitimate casual-vernacular tic.
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Did quite a bit of research on the Holosun Red dot, and what I gathered was Unsuitable at Any Range: A Holosun Review - The Firearm Blog....

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Aimpoints brand is so far air tight. My cousin got one and couldn't get it to sight in. That was my first thought when I read your article. A Weatherby priced rifle with Chinese or other Asian junk makes the whole package, junk. This is the same company that puts toxic chemicals in Crest and Colgate toothpaste and they think nobody will test their products. You bought an inexpensive Chinese made sight, mounted it on a shotgun, did not properly secure it, and after firing numerous slugs were surprised that it stopped working? The fact is: I can only write about what I experience directly.

blog unsuitable range holosun review

Not a big deal, but I was irritated with. Location: So Cal Near Edwards AFB. However, I am a bit confused about who is distributing it. View Quote Ok, but was he able to get it warrantied or repaired? Soft aluminum, or is it aluminium, is an issue with a lot of manufacturers. Little of column Eh, little of column B. Up your budget. I guess you have never used such items and probably never even "blog unsuitable range holosun review". Trijicons consumer products are actually not very good. All I want is an optic that does what it promises: Functions. Buying cheap optics is most often leaving the buyer with junk. There is no absolute mount for this unit. I confess I didn't do a lot of comparison shopping. My Vortex does not. This I like, I've had low end red dots that didn't have this good of parallax and it's a bit frustrating to focus on the target as well as keeping the dot centered, to say the. I can understand the scratch issue.

Holosun HS403C Solar Red Dot (Micro Dot) Quick Range Review Could it be a Aimpoint T1 Alternative?

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So you have a point. And when things go poorly, I ought to write about that too. Did the company make him do it? Just for information sake, I emailed Holosun this past Sunday evening about the release of the HUD open reflex sight. I agree with you. You generally get what you pay for. I believe holosun and PA are compatible with ADM and Aimpoint mounts. In this case Kivaari you and I are in absolute agreement.

blog unsuitable range holosun review