Biography peter great

biography peter great

Peter the Great Peter I or Peter Alexeyevich ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Peter the Great: A Biography. Yale University Press.
Peter the Great was the Tsar and first Emperor of Russia known for his extensive expansion and reforms. This biography of Peter the Great provides detailed. Peter the Great: His Life and World Robert K. Massie: Peter the Great is brought fully to life in this exceptional biography.

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In the first week of October, restless and certain he was cured, Peter began a lengthy inspection tour of various projects. That evaluation is still generally accepted by historians.

biography peter great

Ironically, Peter often behaved in a manner that confirmed foreign prejudices that Russia was a barbaric country. By this same time, the once powerful Persian Safavid Empire to its neighbouring south was heavily declining. Enter the characters you see. The Moscow News weekly. To control the nobles he introduced the Table of Ranks, which established a bureaucratic hierarchy in which promotion was based on merit rather than on birth.

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They were forced to serve for life and to educate their sons for service. But the strain ultimately proved too much. Translated by Michael F. Death Tchaikovsky died in St.

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Even the Church felt the force of Peter's great energy. A just man who did not tolerate dishonesty, he was terrible in his anger and could be cruel when he encountered opposition: in such moments only his intimates could soothe him—best of all his beloved second wife, Catherine, whom people frequently asked to intercede with him for them. Jacob de Wilde , a collector-general with the Admiralty of Amsterdam , had a well-known collection of art and coins, and de Wilde's daughter Maria de Wilde made an engraving of the meeting between Peter and her father, providing visual evidence of "the beginning of the West European classical tradition in Russia".

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PEOPLE SARAH DORAGHI MURIEL ROBIN TOURNANT DANS His goal was to create a powerful and prosperous state, efficiently and honestly administered, to which every subject could contribute. Andrey II of Vladimir. Encyclopedia of Russian History. But the strain ultimately proved too. This Day In History.